Coloring books were my thing! My Mother knew that we were not going to
leave the Five & Dime without some sort of art supplies. I used to loved picking
out different kinds of coloring books and then finding various mediums to go
with them, and after a while my bedroom started to look like a child's studio. It
was then that my mom and dad realized the path I was heading in.

Years later I was watching TV and saw a commercial about the Art Instruction
School of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They offered a free art test, so I ordered it.  
A week later I received the test, and carefully completed the test and sent it
out.  I passed the test with flying colors! A couple of weeks later my mom and
dad received a call from a gentleman asking them if they could speak to me.

They asked him what it was regarding, and once he explained to them that
their son wanted to learn more about art, it became crystal clear to them that
this was my destiny.  They then set up an appointment with the sales
representative to explain more about what my future would hold. It wasn't long
after that I started receiving art books, assignments, T-squares and triangles. I
was pretty smart about art for a nine year old.

I had the opportunity to go to a Vocational High School in Wayne, New Jersey
and took commercial art as my major for four years. I was very lucky to have a
great art teacher, Mr. Murphy. He knew all there was to know about careers in
art.  He also knew what clients wanted most from an artist. I became very busy
painting jean jackets of rock and roll & heavy metal groups for other kids in
the school.  I charged one hundred dollars for each acrylic jacket.

After High School, I got a part time job as a paste up artist for a small town
newspaper called The Oakland Herald. I moved out of my parent’s house and
rented an apartment.  The house had a beautiful porch to which I made a
studio out of.  It was on a busy street and a bank was across the street. At that
time I got my first airbrush and air compressor. I started airbrushing shirts,
jackets then walls and cars.  I had portraits and murals on every wall and every
window.  I decided one day to open all the blinds in my studio to let the light in.
And more than light came in. Customers came in to asking if I was open. I was
lost on what to charge so I started reading a lot of books on marketing and
advertising. At that time my goal was to be an artist that could fulfill every
aspect of art. My business name was “Airbrush Unlimited”.  I used that name
and logo and applied it to business cards, fliers, and signs I also advertised on
FM 88.5 WSOU. On weekends I went to New York City in Greenwich Village on
McDougal Street at the Scrap Bar Boutique store. It was above a famous
nightclub called the Scrap Bar. I airbrushed on site there in a large window
above this busy nightclub.

Looking for a change I decided to move to Florida where most of my family
moved. I quickly got a job at a silk screening company called Graphix Screen
printing. There I designed a variety of Tee shirts. I hand painted over 20,000
shirts in a 18 month time. I finished off the shirts by applying different colors of
Paint & glitter over heat transfers that I designed. These shirts were sold to
boutique stores all over America and sold for $24.99 and up.

Later on I had the opportunity to open and manage a Bar by the pool at the
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Resort. In Florida they call them Tiki Bars. At this
Tiki Bar I had the freedom to be an entrepreneur by buying and selling liquor,
beer, beverages, suntan lotion, toys and gifts. I developed a studio inside the
Tiki bar that allowed me to continue with my art. I would have numerous
people weekly asking to have there loved ones drawn or themselves as
presents. I developed realistic pencil portraits.

After five years I decided to move on. I opened a gallery/studio in Tarpon
Springs, Florida. There I had the opportunity to provide more service to my
customers. I had two rooms that over looked Main Street for a year.

During my artistic and professional life, I have learned multiple skills in areas
necessary for a prominent artistic business career. These skills include, but are not
limited to, technology, making. These skills will allow me to maximize my time spent at
work to bring forth my personal best to compliment any company. Excellent writing
and verbal communication During my artistic and professional life I have learned
multiple skills in areas necessary for skills. Organized, efficient, dependable and a
creative problem solver. Able to take initiative and meet deadlines. The computer skills
I have include: Proficient in desktop publishing with MS Word 2002-07 Corel Draw
10-15, Corel Photo-Paint 10-15, Adobe Page Maker, Illustrator & Photoshop,  FrontPage
2000 Windows 95, 98, 00, NT, XP, 7  HTML web sight design. Dreamweaver. Can type
160 WPM using dragon dictation.
I was very inspired by Charles Shultz.
Cartoonist for Charlie Brown & the peanuts
Gang . And one particular book called "How
to draw the Marvel Way". by Stan Lee.
shows in:

Hawthorne, NJ 1998-1994

Palm Harbor, FL 1995-1996

Dunedin, FL 1999-00

Largo, FL 2000-04

Clearwater, FL 2001-04

Largo, 2006-2008
Gulf Coast Museum
made signs of all sizes for stores. My clients to I
worked for Marketing & Technologies in 2001. I
name a few was Chevron, 7 11, Phillips and
Circle K.

I remember where I was on 9/11/01 like
everyone else did.... I just got to work . We
heard it unfold on the radio at about 8:50 AM I
remember looking at all the shocked eyes. We
didn't believe it until we all went to the cafeteria
and saw the Images on TV. It was a very sad and
scary time even though we were states away. I
had a feeling that we were next in Florida.
God Bless
the USA!
For the next two years I was employed by the Bullard Group. A Manager at a
Arcade/Restaurant/Night Club called "Pop City" It was a fun job with a lot of hours.
The Smoking band went into effect June 1st, 2003. The Restaurant lasted 3 months
I decided that the next job I work, will be for my self. With that in mind I started a
business on eBay. I did very well and 6 months later I opened a store in Largo, Florida,
called Art-Attack Signs.
I have extensive experience in every facet of operating a business as well as all the skills needed to
complete and deliver any project.

My sign business served the small business community and, unfortunately due to the volatile nature of
the current economy, many of my accounts downsized or closed. After years of operating my own
business, I am now ready to be a part of something bigger than myself and look forward to becoming
part of a team.

The depth of my experience in the sign industry is vast, and I feel that I have a wide range of skills that
would benefit your company in a variety of roles. I am dedicated to giving full attention to all projects and
deadlines and truly take pride in my work.
Please feel free to view examples of my current work at www.
Additional examples are available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can
schedule a meeting.
What I have to do next & were I'm going?
I'm pretty excited now to move on and live my bliss in this short duration of time that we call life.
I have been truly blessed to be alive and doing what I always loved to do through out my life.
And that is to enlighten others with the gift God has given me. To attack all aspects of art or at least enjoy them.
Created, Designed and edited daily by the Attack Artist © Douglas Andrew Rohloff 2016

Throughout my life I have always had the talent to conquer any & all kinds of art related

I have been teaching myself art as I expressed my designs and thoughts on many if not all

This portfolio will show you that my photographs speak for themselves.

I keep abreast of all aspects of the oldest & newest Artistic connection.

Douglas Andrew Rohloff
Born Gemini, 1967
AKA-Attack Artist.