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Commission a Trompe L'Oeil Mural!

We have 2 options, a mural can either be painted "on-site" (i.e.,
directly on your walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) , or on canvas sheets
that can be shipped directly to you. Pricing is subjective, it
essentially depends  on the amount of detail required, and can
range from $7.00 to $100.00 per square foot. Murals are
"pro-rated" according to the size of detailed regions. For example,
an 8' x 12' canvas mural that has roughly 70% of it covered with
low-detail regions (e.g., sky, stonework, etc. @ $25.00 per square foot)
and 30%  with high-detail regions (trompe l'oeil, animals, architecture,
etc.@ $100.00 per square foot)

Again, these numbers are only meant as an example, specific quotes
will be made upon request. A project  will proceed as indicated in the
following steps
    Initial steps                    

1.I will begin by discussing ideas directly with you. Often, clients will send photographs or
 magazine clippings as examples of their ideas.
2.After incorporating your ideas, I will create a color mark-up board. The board and a quote will be
 sent to you for approval. (This step requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.)
3.You review the mark-up board and discuss changes if needed. Then you either sign the quote (a
 signature indicates that the idea is accepted) or request a second mark-up board.
4.Changes can be made after we receive your signed approval, but may require additional charges.


Further Steps (after Initial steps above)

1.The Mural Project will begin after I receive a 60% (non-refundable) initial payment.
2.Near completion, I  will send a photo for your acceptance. Some changes can be made at this
 point but may require additional charges.
3.You will be notified via e-mail, phone, or mail that the project has been completed. At this point
 you should send the final payment.
4.After we receive your final payment, the mural will be shipped to you.
5.Once you receive the finished mural, you can either attach the canvas to the wall yourself or hire a
 professional wallpaper hanger to do it for you.


Further Steps (after Initial steps above)

If the mural is to be painted at a location outside a reasonable commuting distance additional charges for
accommodations and travel must be added to the cost of the mural.

1.A specific starting date must be made in advance. Please note that I can only estimate the
 amount of time it will take to complete the project (however, I am usually pretty close).
 Therefore, if the project must be completed by a certain date you should allow a little extra time.
2.The room(s) must be completely empty (i.e., no furniture, draperies, etc.) before I can begin. Be
 sure that all repairs are completed before I arrive. I  will not remove wallpaper, patch holes, or
 etc. We, of course, will perform our normal surface preparations and apply appropriate primers.
3.The Mural Project will begin after we receive a 60% (non-refundable) initial payment.
4.Please make arrangements so that we will not be distracted. That is, assure that the rooms will not
 be used or frequented while the project is in progress.
5.Final payment is due upon completion.
I will be happy to discuss all of your ideas so do not hesitate to contact me!
I can change wood into marble
and marble to wood! I can make
ceilings to skies and floors to bedrock,
walls to oceans and corners to Faux
columns. The ideas are endless.......
Let me show you how I can change
your living space with a little bit of paint.
I will show you what has been done and
how creative we can get for your home.
The decorators last touch emphasizes
what should be done to your quarters as
far as color coordination,  themes and
helping you make your home the sweetest
One good thing about Artistic Features
is that no two painting projects are ever
alike. We can create something new for
every situation. I hope that what I share
with you will not only give you many
ideas, but it  will also encourage you to be
an adventuress. Let your creative talents
guide you, while I paint with enthusiasm!
I Can paint anything on everything!
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